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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Help my friend get his story told on the big screen!

Below is an e-mail I received from Terry McIntosh. I've been following Terry's ministry for about 6 months now and have spoken with him on the phone and interacted by e-mail several times. Terry's ministry has led hundreds of Palestinians to Christ in the West Bank. Now he's asking your help and my help to tell the world a story that took place in his life in 1969 when he was a Green Beret in Vietnam. I've read the script. It's a remarkable read. What's even better is knowing that whatever money Terry would make from this film, much of the proceeds would go directly into spreading the gospel.

Here is his letter:

Well, saints, this is unusual and not ministry related at all. I have a very personal request to make of you as a friend. If you can do it, I much appreciate your input, and if not, I certainly appreciate that just as well without apology from your end.

Let me explain: I served with the Green Berets in Vietnam on an "A" team that was ordered to execute a double agent with "extreme prejudice." Military pundits refer to the incident as the "Green Beret Affair." It is a well documented event that inspired Daniel Ellsberg to release the infamous Pentagon Papers. Some of the info is posted on our website at "About Us." It was initially posted to counter claims that I don't understand war as a result of my preaching regarding Israel and the Palestinians. Although I am proud of my military service, I am not proud of this particular incident.

At Susan's insistence, I penned a not so professional book, actually published, about my experience with the affair. Over the years, I have refined it a few times. The character Mac is based on my personal experiences and reflects my thoughts and actions. Every incident in based on a real event, but BASED ON tells you that the story has been dramatized to make it more interesting. Example: In the book, Mac is arrested, but in reality I was not. Since the story evolves around Mac, it was only proper to include the character in the final episode. Some other incidents, and names, have been altered, but everything one reads is based in reality.

The Vietnamese double agent and I ran a few combat missions together. Once he was suspected of spying, orders came down to execute the man. Since our team sponsored a top secret intelligence gathering operation into Cambodia against all the political rules of the day, it was determined that we could not arrest and prosecute the agent without exposing the operation, and therefore place many of our own agents in harms way.

The spy was taken out of camp on a bogus mission where he was interrogated and then killed by order of higher command. Information leaked out and the trigger man, along with several administrative officers who conspired to kill the agent, were arrested. Charges were eventually dropped when President Nixon refused to allow the CIA to testify. Not all of us were present at the interrogation and execution. We were never charged with complicity because we signed documents under duress stating that we knew nothing about it, or about any top secret incursions into Cambodia. I have not revealed anything still secret about the operation or people involved. The shooter, a fellow team member, eventually admitted to killing the spy, so I have not indicted him against his own will. No further charges have ever been filed, and never will be.

Now to the point: I have made the transition from book to Hollywood movie script form, and have posted the script on a screenwriters web site for public and/or professional review by interested parties. There are many others there, and only the highest rated get top attention. A new script can get lost rather easily among the many listed. The top 5 scripts are highlighted for special attention. Each script is rated by anyone who reads it. A writer cannot review his own script. Therefore, I hope you can review the script and rate it as you feel led to do so. If my work is reviewed and rated favorably, it could become one of those highlighted for attention. I am sure that those who are presently rated enjoy the help of family and friends to get there. In the past, some scripts that began on this website made it to film. All things are possible through Christ, and I remain a dreamer of good things.

The read is 121 scripted pages. A script read is shorter than regular length because of the screenplay format. There is no cost involved to read any script, but you must register and sign in to post a review. It is a simple process and grants you immediate access. Go to, register, and then go to the screenwriter community. Scroll down to locate "Murder by Order - The Green Beret Affair." Instructions on how to rate and feedback are at the end of the document. You can leave the site and return later to finish the review if time does not permit a one time read through.

If you should decide to read through this, it is different from a book read. You should envision each scene as if it was on screen. You are, in effect, the director of scenes in that way. Doing so adds the visual to help you see the story from the movie goer's point of reference.

WARNING: The script contains mild language that some of us have used at one time or another to our own embarrassment. It never takes the Lord's name in vain or uses sexually explicit words. However, if some socially unacceptable words are an offense to you, please do not review it. I don't want to offend your conscience, or have you think less of me because of it. Romance is included, but only refers to an immoral encounter without explicit scenes. It is there because it is part of the real story.

Otherwise, I share this part of my life with you, and if you care to rate the script honestly, I will appreciate your help. If you like it, please encourage your friends to read and rate. It will take a lot of participation to hit the top 5 spot, but if it does, it can get further attention.

Keeping Christ first in all things,

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