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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Lessons from a recovering feminist

I've heard Dr. Laura before. She is the lady that solves people's marital problems over the airwaves. I've always thought of her like a female Dr. Phil until I saw her on Larry King Live the other night. Besides her rather extreme view that all women should be home with their children all the time (that is, until they go to school, then a woman can work from 9-3), I think that Dr. Laura has a lot to say to our generation, especially women who feel that it is somehow demeaning to them if they love and respect their husbands.

During the interview, a woman called in and challenged Dr. Laura's view on women being home with their children by asking about what if the husband leaves her, then she would be out on her own. Dr. Laura replied that her comments were the typical feminist mantra-and they are.

Tragically, we live in a culture where people do not expect marriages to last. Women are supposed to be independent because they can not trust men to hold up to their end of the bargain. I wonder where these women get this idea? Um...could it be Hollywood? No, we can not blame all of societies woes on Hollywood, but I think that Dr. Laura is right when she says that we need better role models for this younger generation. On the show, they played clips of TV images of fathers in the past and compared them to TV images of fathers today. What a shame! Fathers have gone from dignified and respectful to whiny and lazy. Dr. Laura criticized Tom Cruise for having a fling with a girl half his age and impregnating her before putting a ring on her finger. No wonder the far-left hates Dr. Laura! She actually believes that marriage precedes sex, not the other way around. What for some is ridiculous is just plain common sense for others

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