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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Is Islam evil and wicked?

I wrote this post on April 28th, 2006. I'm reposting it because I feel it demonstrates a gracious, but firm approach regarding truth claims in other religions. The post has a few insignificant word changes.

Something I've noticed in the blogosphere, particularly among the Christian blogs, is the consistent portrayal of Islam as an evil and wicked religion. This phrase was coined by popular evangelist Franklin Graham and has sparked much controversy in the media over the past few years. Given the increased polarization in the world today, I think it is necessary to restore some intellectual honesty to the issue.

What do I mean by intellectual honesty? First, let me start by saying that the radical Islam of the terrorists is nothing short of demonic in inspiration. I have no problem with saying that the likes of Iran's current president Ahmadeenijad and Osama Bin Laden are the moral equivalent of Hitler in our generation. The Islamic-fascist movement is the most serious threat to the world's population in the 21st century. Having said that, I feel that Christians need to approach the moral question of the Koran with some honesty. One of the harshest criticisms of Islam by Christians is the fact that the Koran advocates the spreading of its religion through military struggle. To be sure, this is an unavoidable aspect of Islam regardless of what moderate Muslims and the Western media has to say. Anyone who believes that the Koran does not advocate theocracy is not playing with a full deck.

My question is this: Is the concept of theocracy in the Koranic sense necessarily evil? Here is where the intellectual honesty comes in. How can we as Christians say that Islam is evil and wicked for engaging in military struggle, suppressing freedom of religion, and seeking to establish a theocracy when the God in our Bible basically did the same thing in the Old Testament? The answer is-we can't. But we can say that the Islamic concept of theocracy is a step backwards in God's plan for the human race and is out of step with the values that Jesus introduced to the world.

When Jesus said "My kingdom is not of this world" and "For all who take the sword will perish by the sword", He forever did away with the idea that the sword is a legitimate means of spreading religion. Through his life and teachings, Jesus introduced to the world the concept of freedom of the conscience. The idea that man should be free to make his own decisions regarding his eternal fate uncoerced by the state is what eventually led to concepts such as freedom, democracy, and human rights. For the sake of world peace, let's pray that the values of Jesus beat out the competition in our generation.


Anonymous said...

The truth behind the Old-Testament and the New Testament

It has come to my attention that a priest in Brooklyn Park delivered a sermon on Sunday, November 26, 2006 in front of his congregation. I am told that more than 1000 people entered his congregation, and that this sermon was also available on channel 11 News. This priest said the filthiest things about Islam for 30minutes straight, without any ceremony. I wonder if any news stations would give us even 1 minute to say something filthy about Christianity. So if the Muslims were to condemn what the priest did, and have a major protest in Brooklyn Park, what would the Non-Muslims say? They would definitely say, “It’s a free country and people can say whatever they feel like.”

So if a Muslim said filthy things about Christianity, would the Non-Muslims say that it’s okay because it’s a free country? Would they? No! But instead, if a Muslim did say filthy things about Christianity, they would publicize it on TV and make a mountain out of it and demand a million apologies. This priest was saying that Judaism and Christianity are exactly the same, and that Islam is the complete opposite. This priest was saying that the Koran tells the Muslims, “whoever among us takes the Jews and Christians as friends; we are among them, like them.” That is true; the Koran clearly tells the Muslims not to take the Jews and Christians as friends. Why? Reason one is because by taking them as friends, that means we will support them while they destroy one Muslim country after another. Reason 2 is because the things Jews and Christians indulge in are not the things Muslims indulge in like bars, alcohol, bacon, dating, and so on. But it doesn’t mean we can’t go with them, to educational programs and lectures.

This priest was saying that Islam was spread at the point of the sword? He said that Allah is a moon God. Every language on the face of this earth has a name in their language for God, and as such, the Arabic name for God is Allah. Even the Arab Christians use the name “Allah” when referring to Jesus as His son. Why did he quote many verses from the Koran out of context, when it gives it a completely different meaning? This is the game that the Non-Muslims have been playing with their people. They love to take 3 to 5 verses from the Koran out of context, and display it to the world. They love to attack Islam, but they refuse to have a debate with intellectual Muslims on TV for the whole world to watch. They love to destroy our countries, but when Muslims out of frustration and imprisonment, blow themselves up, then they say we are the terrorists.

Blessed are those Muslims who are fighting for their freedom in Iraq. Blessed are those Muslims who are fighting for their freedom in Palestine. Blessed are those Muslims who are fighting for their freedom in Chechnya, and the rest of the Muslim world. They will all go to heaven, whether they died from suicide bombings, or from gun battle. I say this because the ones who die from suicide bombings blow themselves up not out of fun, not out of excitement, but they do it out of being imprisoned and because their families most likely died before their eyes. May Allah give heaven to every Muslim martyr who died for His cause.

Jesus said in the Bible in the gospel of Mathew, chapter 10, “I did not come to bring peace, but a sword; I have come to turn a man against his father, and to turn a daughter against her mother.” Why in the world is Jesus speaking so harsh and violent? I know for a fact that if Muhammad said that statement, and not Jesus, then all of the Non-Muslims would publicize that verse 24/7 every day all over the TV stations, but since it was Jesus who uttered those words, then all of the Non-Muslim would be ready to say that Jesus didn’t mean that. Jesus wasn’t speaking ambiguously, it was a clear explicit statement. Either he said those words, or not; if he didn’t, then that is proof the bible is not the words of God.

Did you know that Jesus is recorded to have said in the Bible in the gospel of Luke, chapter 19; 27 “For those enemies of mine, who did not want me to reign over them, bring them hither and kill them before me?” Jesus is recorded to have told his mother in the book of John, “Woman, what have I to do with you, my time is not yet.” Is this how a mighty messenger of God treats his mother? I asked so many ladies how would they feel if their kid addressed them with those words, and each lady said they would smack their kids if they uttered such words to them

If Jesus is holy and humble, why would ladies smack their kids for uttering words that were quoted by their “Holy God”? Do you see how despicable and wicked the bible portrays Jesus as? The Holy Koran never records any verses humiliating Jesus, but it is the bible that is degrading Jesus to the image of a terrorist. Did you know that according to the bible, there are 2 ways to get salvation, each theory contradicting itself? This priest said that Judaism and Christianity are identical in teaching and principle. What in the world is the priest talking about? I will prove to you that the Old Testament and the New Testament are completely opposite, each one contradicting each other.

In the Old Testament, the Jews were commanded not to eat pig; in the book of Leviticus, it says, “do not eat the flesh of swine.” But all the Christians eat the pig because Peter, a disciple of Jesus had a dream. And on one occasion in the bible, Jesus killed 2,000 pigs. I bet that made the Christians mad. Jesus specifically stated in the bible in the gospel of Mathew, “I did not come to destroy the law or the prophets; I did not come to destroy, but to fulfill.” He is referring to the laws of Moses.

Moses told his people, if you want salvation, keep the commandments; But the Christians hanged the commandments on the cross and they claim they are living under grace. They say that Jesus died for their sins, so they have done away with the Law of Moses. In other words, Paul, the self-appointed 13 disciple of Jesus, said that salvation comes through the blood of the “Lord” Jesus Christ and not by righteous deeds. But Jesus himself contradicts that in the gospel of Mathew 19; 16, where a Jew asked him, “Good master! What good thing shall I do to attain life eternal?” Jesus responded and said, “Why are you calling me good? There is only one that is good, and that is God. If you want life eternal, keep the commandments.”

The Jews worship One God, not the Holy trinity; the Jews do not worship a triune God, nor did they ever worship a triune God, but the Christians worship a triune God, the father in heaven, his alleged son, and the holy ghost, and they say these three are one. Any Jew will tell you that they don’t believe in a triune God.
The Jews never were even informed about any trinity, triune God, or any other God that was found in more than 1 person. According to Christianity, you don’t’ get salvation if you reject the Holy trinity, the idea that states God is found in 3 persons.

According toe Judaism, no one is Gods son. But according to Christians, Jesus is the son of God and God in human form. According to Christian theology, if you don’t accept Jesus as your savior and Lord, there is no salvation for you at all. You go straight to hell for eternity. So according to that theology, that means the Jews too will go to hell for eternity because they view Jesus as an imposter and a bastard child and a false messiah. In the Gospel of St. John 1; 11, John says, “He (Jesus) came unto his own (Jews), but his own received him not. So according to the Bible, the Jews never accepted Jesus until this present day, except as an imposter and a false Christ.

Jesus said in the Bible, “If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn and give him the left also; if someone wants your cloak, give him your coat as well; if someone wants you to go one mile with him, go two miles, resist not evil.” Before I tell you what Judaism says about fighting, I have one question! Jesus clearly said if someone strikes you, turn the other cheek, resist not evil. If that’s the case, when did any Christian nation on earth ever turn the other cheek when they were attacked? That’s what Jesus would’ve done. For the sake of argument, let’s say Osama was responsible for 9-11, even though there is no visual evidence, or solid evidence to prove it. So why did America destroy Afghanistan and Iraq? Jesus said resist not evil. When the protestant Christians stole this country from the Native Americans, were they following the way of Jesus? No!

When the white people oppressed the African people for nearly 400 years, was that the way of Jesus? No! When the white people attacked Japan with a nuclear bomb, which killed more than one hundred thousand people, was that the way of Jesus? No! Why did America invade Iraq in 1991? So what did Moses preach to the Jews regarding fighting? Moses clearly told his people, the Jews, an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, which is exactly what Allah, told Muhammad.

7) Did you know that the Holy trinity, this triune God the Christians believe in, was never preached by any prophet of God in the Old Testament, or the New Testament, including Jesus. That’s right! Not even Jesus ever preached the Holy trinity, which is a triune God. How is it that the most important teaching of Christianity was never preached not even once by any prophet? In the gospel of St. John, a Jew came up to Jesus and said, “Master! What is the greatest commandment of all?” Jesus said,” the greatest commandment of all is this: the lord our God, the lord is one.”

Judaism celebrates Sabbath day, a Jewish holiday, which is every Saturday. The Christians don’t celebrate it, but why if they are identical as the priest says? A filthy religion is a religion that has indecent and sexual content in its holy scripture; in other words, God Almighty would never put any filthy stories, indecent stories in His Holy Book. Why? Any psychologists will tell you that filthy stories you indulge in and read will corrupt your mental character permanently. A psychoanalyst by the name of Vernon Jones carried out studies in the 1980’s in kindergarten schools; he concluded that the type of stories that were read to the kids made permanent character changes in the kid’s personality. If you eat junky food, your body will become junky, and if you read filthy stories, your mind becomes filthy.

With that being said, why does the Old Testament, the Jewish scriptures, have more than 20 filthy indecent stories that are so bad, so bad that no Christian or Jewish scholar will read it to their congregations? I will not tell you any of these stories because they are so filthy and indecent. Islam is claimed to be a religion that mocks the Jews! That’s a lie, and the proof is to show me any Koran verse with its context. The Koran says quite the opposite. The Koran says that any Jew who worships God alone, and obeys the prophets will go to heaven; and any Jew who associates others with God, and disobeys the prophets will go to hell. The same Koran even says Muslims will go to hell if they disobey the commands of God.

It is the bible that says bad things about the Jews. Moses is recoded to have said about the Jews in the book of Deuteronomy, “Ye Jews have been rebellious against the Lord since the day I knew you.” Then according to Jesus in the Bible, according to Jesus, who is considered a bastard child by the Jews, Jesus had this to say about the Jews in the Bible, “You wicked and adulterous generation; you brood of snakes; you hypocrites; ye whited sepulchers; you fools;” At least 10 times in the bible does Jesus tell the Jews “Ye hypocrites”. It was the Jews who condemned Jesus to die, and it was the Jews who charged him with blasphemy.

Remember that in the book of Deuteronomy, it says that the bastard child shall not enter the church congregation until the tenth generation. In other words, if you are born out of wedlock, you are considered a bastard for ten generations according to the bible. And Jesus clearly said in the book of Mathew, “I am not come to destroy the law or the prophets; I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.” What law is he referring to? The Law of Moses! Why is the church allowing bastard children to come in, when the bible says otherwise?

Please don’t tell me that the Jews forgave Jesus after all the insults he told them. If you want to know how racist and extreme most Jews are against Islam and Muslims, go chat with them any web sites. But when you chat with them, don’t tell them you’re a Muslim. Lie and tell them that you are a Non-Muslim, and watch what they say about Islam and Muslims.

Its an amazing situation how the Muslims accept Jesus as a messenger of God; we accept him as among those nearest to God and also as the word of God, but clarify by saying that the word of God is not God. In the Koran, Jesus is also called the sign of God, the spirit of God, the servant of God, the son of Mary, in the company of the righteous. Every time the Muslims mention his name, we say “May peace and blessings descend upon him.” Islam also recognizes Jesus as the messiah and as a messenger who was born miraculously. Despite all of these beautiful attributes given to Jesus in the Koran, Islam and Muslims are labeled as Anti-Christ, and wicked. But the Jews, who view Jesus as an imposter and a bastard child and they reject the triune God, and they reject Jesus in every way as the bible says, are considered wonderful by the Christians. Did I miss something?

What is a violent religion? A violent religion is a religion that tells anyone to kill another soul out of oppression. There is not one verse in the Koran, with its context (The verses before and after it) that tells Muslims to kill people if they don’t convert. I am begging someone to show me one verse in the Koran where it says, “Kill the Non-Muslims if they don’t convert.” There is no such thing.

But according to the bible, in the Old Testament, God tells the Jews, “Kill all the philistines, men and women and children and even the donkey was not to be spared.” If the Bible is the word of God, why would God instruct men to even kill women and children and infants in battle? Is that Love? No! If Muhammad told the Muslims in battle to do the same thing, then all the Non-Muslims will accuse Muhammad as a violent man, but it was God who gave these instructions in the Old Testament. So why then is the Bible considered Holy and peaceful when it isn’t?

What is worse, giving your wife a very light beating (Not to injure her, nor bruise her), if she refuses to obey you in important matters, or cutting off her hand after she saves your life? In Islam, in important matters, a man is allowed to beat his wife if she refuses to obey him (Obeying him in Godly things, not ungodly things). But every Islamic scholar will all agree that the beating has to be super lightly, not to injure her, or bruise her, nor make her bleed in any way. In other words, there is no point in beating her in Islam, since you can’t injure her in any way. I repeat, prophet Muhammad was never recorded in any narration as beating his wives, in injuring them, humiliating them. But according to the Old Testament, in Deuteronomy 25: 11-12, God instructs men to cut off their wives hand if she were to save his life from a mad man beating him. You have to read it to believe it. You tell me what religion is violent after what I told you.

So what is a sexist religion? A sexist religion is a religion that gives men more royalty and rights and honor than the women. According to that definition, Christianity is the most sexist religion out there. In the bible in the book of Corinthians, Paul says, “Women must put a veil (hijab) on their heads, and if they refuse to, then they must shave their heads; but if they don’t want to shave their heads, then they must put a veil on their heads because men were not created for her, but they (women) were created for men; for men are the image and glory of God, and women are the glory of men.” That sounds sexist to me! I can’t believe the bible says that? Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No where in the Koran does it say women must shave her head if she refuses to put on the hijab; in the Koran, Allah tells women to cover themselves up for protection from men. No where in the Koran does Allah say the words, “Women are created for men.” But Allah does say in chapter 30 of the Koran that He created men and women for each other, and that He has placed love and Mercy between their hearts.

Please listen carefully to these passages from the bible: in Genesis 3; 16, it says that the husband is to rule over the wife. In exodus 21; 7, it says that a man can sell his daughter into slavery. Then in 1-Corinthians, chapter 14; 34, it says it is a shame for a women to speak in church, and if she should learn anything, she should ask her husband and he will ask for her in church. What happened to the holy God of Christianity? I guess he ain’t so holy after all. He sounds sexist to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember in Deuteronomy 25; 11-12, a man is ordered to chop his wife’s hand for saving his life. What happened to the just and loving God we keep hearing about? Please don’t tell me that the Christians are not obliged to follow these laws of God? God clearly says in Deuteronomy 12; 32, “Whatsoever thing I command you, observe to do it; and thou shall not add anything, nor delete anything.”

Please email me any comments, questions, or anything at

Anonymous said...

If the bible is the word of God, then all of it must be followed according to Jesus. In Mathew 19; 16, Jesus told a Jew,” If thou want life eternal (Heaven), then keep the commandments.” There was no mention from Jesus of him coming to die for the sins of the world. All he said was keep the commandments. If that’s the case, then we should read the book of Deuteronomy 23; 2 where it says,” The bastard child shall not enter the congregation of the Lord, even to his tenth generation.” Since 75 percent of Christians are bastard children, what the hell are they doing in church? They are all bastards according to the bible. So 50 percent of the Church members are bastards, and must not enter it according to God, if the Bible is the word of God.

If the bible is the word of God, then it would be free from contradictions. That’s commonsense. Okay, with that analysis, let’s take a look at some verses. In the book of 2-Samuel 24; 1, it says,” The Lord tempted David.” But in 1-Chronicles; 21-1, it says,” Satan Tempted David.” Which is it, The Lord, or Satan? Does the God of Christianity forget? Then in John 3; 13, it says,” No man has ascended into heaven.” But in 2-Kings, 2;11, it says,” Elijah ascended into heaven.” And Genesis 5-24 says that Enoch ascended into heaven. It seems to me that this God of Christianity keeps forgetting.

Is the God of Christianity a God of love? No! According to 1-Samuels 6; 19, it says that God murdered 50,070 people for looking into a box. If Prophet Muhammad did that, then the whole world would accept Muhammad as an extremist and a terrorist.

Is Jesus the image of God? No because in John1; 18, it says,” No man had seen God at anytime.” Then in 1-Timothy 6; 16, it says,” God is He, whom no man had seen, nor can see.” Then in Exodus 33; 20, God says,” No man can see My face, for no one can see Me and live.” Don’t forget John 5; 37 where Jesus says,” God has never been heard at anytime, nor has anyone seen his shape, or form at anytime.

What the Heck is so bad about what the bible says about women? Let’s take a look.

In the book of Exodus 21; 7, it says that a man can sell his daughter. That’s sounds disgraceful to me.

Then in Genesis 3; 16, it say,” The Husband is to rule over his wife. Then in Deuteronomy 25; 11-12, it says,” men are supposed to chop off their women’s hands when our wives save our lives.

And please don’t forget 1-Corinthians 14; 34-35 where it says that it is a shame for a woman to speak in church, to open their mouths is not allowed in church.

Why are all the Christians Pig eaters? Their master Jesus was not a pig eater, and he killed 2000 pigs to heal one man. And in Leviticus 11;8, it says,” The flesh of swine is forbidden.” So why aren’t the Christians following Jesus who said in Mathew 5; 18,” Whoever removes one of the least of these commandments will be called least in the kingdom of heaven?” And who also said,” If the bible is the word of God, then all of it must be followed according to Jesus. In Mathew 19; 16, Jesus told a Jew,” If thou want life eternal (Heaven), then keep the commandments.”

Apparently this God of Christianity begets 4 children at one time. Remember that God said Israel is His firstborn, and later he said, Ephraim is His firstborn, and later he said, Adam was “The son” of God, and in Psalms, God says,” This day I have begotten you My son.” And Jesus is supposed to be his first born as well. Poor Jesus! He doesn’t know that God protected David and Israel and Ephraim much better than he couldn’t protect Jesus. I honestly believe that Jesus didn’t want to die. Look at his reaction when he was on the cross. He cried out,” God, God, was has thou forsaken me.” He never thanked God on the cross, nor did he look happy about getting killed.

Anonymous said...

A Muslim response to the September 11 attacks on New York.

Correction, only about 3,900 Americans were murdered on 9/11, not thousands, like the 100 thousand that were murdered in Japan by a nuclear weapon from America. Only 3900 Americans were murdered, in which about 500 were Muslims, and about 500 more were people of different races. Just 40 years ago in this racist country, a black person was not allowed to go to white schools, and they were forced to sit on the back of the bus. The white people don't want to forget any injustices done to them. Pay attention: The white people want to condemn 1.6 billion Muslims for the actions of "19 hijackers", which until today, there is no solid proof (photo evidence) or evidence to blame Muslims for the 9/11 events.

I wonder how the Muslim world are feeling knowing that America supports Israel in murdering thousands of Palestinians since 1948. Pay attention! America gives Israel 6 billion dollars of US tax dollars for free to destroy the Palestinian livelihood. Pay attention! There are thousands of people in America (Christians) killing each other. Pay attention! Right after the 9/11 events, for about 6 months straights, innocent Muslims everywhere (from old to young) were murdered by Christians all over the streets. Christians started killing Muslims like crazy in every country, regular Muslims going to schools, to shops, and so on. I wander how the Christians would feel if I burned down a church and started killing any Christian in the street, if a Christian killed some Muslims in another place?

Only 3900 people died in 9/11 events, compared to over 600,000 died in Iraq (Christian and Jewish humans rights groups say this) since the beginning of the war. Only like 4500 died at Pearl Harbor, compared to the 100,000 died in Japan by American warfare. America is the one who put Saddam Hussein in power, and America knew that Saddam was oppressing his people since 1984, but yet America didn't bother to save his people from his tyranny until the American economy went down after 9/11. Did I just miss something? No Muslim army was responsible for the 9/11 events. In any court of law, when you make an allegation about anyone, the judge will say, “Produce your evidence". Without solid evidence, the judge will throw out your court case in 2 seconds. Go to to see some of the truth. Go to Google search and type "loose change" and watch this one hour movie about 9/11. Go to to see the truth. An American told me that illegal immigrants are given drivers license; he feels very threatened by it.
First of all, the only people who are in this country legally are the Native Americans. How did American people get this country? How many Native Americans died before Americans overtook this country by force? Who is the terrorist? America! How many died at 9/11 events? 3900! How many Native Americans died by American Christians? Hundreds of thousand! Who is the terrorist? America! How many people died during slavery? Millions! Who was responsible for slavery? White Christians! Let me get this straight... The white people demand for the African Americans to forgive them for nearly 400 years of slavery, when more than a million Africans were raped and killed, but they demand to condemn and blame all the Muslims and make life miserable for all the Muslims and deport all the Muslims for the actions of 19 "so called hijackers” that took 3900 deaths, when solid evidence proves Muslims weren't responsible. Illegal what? If American Christians love Jesus, why don't they give the country back to the Native American since they terrorized them and stole their land? That's what Jesus would've done.

Jesus said in the bible, “If someone strikes you on the cheek, turn and give him the other cheek.” What Christian nation on earth ever followed that principle when they were attacked? None! Jesus said in the bible to love thy enemy and pray for thy enemy! If the Muslims are the enemy of the Christians, then why didn't any Christian ever pray for Osama and the Muslim community? That is what Jesus would've done... Jesus clearly said to love your enemy and pray for them. So where are the true Christians? There isn't any, since none of them follow what Jesus said. Who cares if illegal immigrants are given drivers licenses! If Jesus was alive, would he tell all of the immigrants to get the hell out of America? Would he? Would the all loving Jesus say that? No! Jesus would've said to leave them, care for them, spend on them, and Jesus would've prayed for them and healed them with his beautiful words of wisdom. Its worth noting the most of the “illegal immigrants who come here” are Christians from other cultures.

Jesus said resist not evil, so when will Christians start listening to Jesus? Muslims can wear a veil on photo driver's licenses. So what? When did you ever hear in America that Muslim women blew themselves up? When did you ever hear in America that Muslim women in America doing violent crimes? Can somebody please tell me one event in America where Muslim women committed a violent crime? Just one? How do Muslims women with the veil in photo id's become a threat to the American livelihood? What would Jesus have told them? Jesus would've allowed them to practice their beliefs, and Jesus would've destroyed the democratic life and restored religion in Allah. Alcohol is a poison. Look what it does to people.

When they are drunk, they are violent, rude, disrespectful, and are carried away. Why should anyone have to drive a person who his disrespectful and rude and carried away? And how is that going to ruin American livelihood? What is more of a threat, a country that allows people to drink, when alcohol leads to more than 25,000 deaths each year, or taxi drivers refusing to drive people who are unconscious and rude and mean? Jesus would ban alcohol if he was here because Jesus would not allow a person to indulge in something that destroys families apart, which killed many people. Why should any Muslim have to be sworn into the bible in congress? I thought America's constitution says freedom to practice religion? Well, Islam teaches that only one book is holy, and a Muslim must not swear to any book, but the Koran. That's called freedom of religion!

They are putting a prayer room in the airport? So what? What is the complaint? Can't people pray in the airport if a room is available? How would Christians feel if Muslim countries started evicting Priests out of the airports for praying in a room? So what you're saying is this:" your saying that anyone who prays in the airport has the intention and plan to destroy the airplane"? So is it fair to say that every white person in every building should be banned from entering a building because Timothy McVeigh was white? Is it fair to say that no white people should be allowed to work in post offices since the Unabomber was white? Is it fair to say that all the white people want to burn the black people in ashes, since the KKK are white, and since that's what their ancestors did for 400 years to the Africans? Is it fair to say that all the Muslims should request that all white males be banned from schools, since all of the high school shootings in America were done by white males? Is it fair to say that all Christians are pedophiles since the most holy men of Christianity, priests, can't get enough of sleeping with young boys? Is it fair to tell all Christians "Don't take your kids to church", since thousands of priests molested their kids? Please go to Google search and type up “Priest scandals” and see for yourself how many holy men of Christianity were caught doing the most perverse acts. Does that mean Christianity is pathetic? No! It means Christians have deviated from the teachings of Jesus.

The 9/11 events was a wrong and unforgivable act against innocent civilians. But who ever committed those heinous crimes should be condemned. . If it was the white people of America who drove 4 planes into 4 Muslim buildings in Saudi Arabia, would it be fair for the Muslims to blame all of the Christians for that event? Would it be fair for the Muslims to attack one Christian country after another (if they had the power) in search of 19, or even 50 hijackers? Would it be fair if all the Muslim Countries invaded America in search of 19 Christian hijackers (If they attacked a Muslim country) and stayed in 10-20 year war until they catch the terrorist? Islam teaches in chapter 5, “Whoever kills any soul in wrongdoing, it’s as if he killed all of mankind.” So whoever did the 9/11 events have deviated from Islamic teachings, if they were Muslims. Then in chapter 2; 256 of the Koran, God says, “Let there be no compulsion in religion; truth stands out clearly from falsehood.”

In chapter 60, verse 8, God says, “Allah does not forbid you with regards to those who fight you for your faith, nor drive you out of your homes from being kindly and just with them; Allah loves those who are just. So please don’t point a finger at all Muslims and mock us and humiliate us because the laugh is on you. America is going down socially everyday; what I mean is that millions of people in this mighty country are addicted drugs and alcohol and gambling and materialism so much, that they are losing their families due to it. The average American is mentally lost and depressed, or suffering from some mental problem. People in this country are seriously lost, and they are seriously lost and unhappy because the democratic country gives you too much freedom, and it takes your independence away from God; as a result, people are left to suffer from the side effects from losing touch with God. Please email me at if you have any questions.

Anonymous said...

i wrote this article and the other two about islam. the email address on the bottom of those two articles used to be the new email for me is

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