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Friday, February 09, 2007

Interesting story

from: ASSIST News Service ( - January
21, 2007

Interview with Fatmir Kaloshi by Paul Alkazraji

One day, I saw some Christian books at my house. My mother said
that they were from very good people. I started to tear the books
saying that I was a Muslim! I took a pistol and I went out to
the bridge. I said, "I'll kill them and throw them in the river."

I saw them coming in a white minibus. (In it was Pastor Dag Rane
Schjelderup.) The minibus stopped right in front of me. "Hello!
How are you? Come to my house," I said to them. I didn't want
to speak in such a friendly way. I still ask myself, "How is
it possible?"

I started to read the Bible. As soon as I read that part saying,
"Knock and it will be opened to you, ask and it will be given,"
I said: "I like it when others give to me!" I prayed to Jesus
Christ saying, "I will believe that you are alive only if you
help me. If you don't give to me, I will never trust you, and
I'll be worse than I've been before!"

Now, I say to him, "I am sorry for acting that way."

Now, I also say "Sorry" to Pastor Dag for wanting to kill him.

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Pete said...

Good story but it leaves me begging to know the answer to one question........what kind of pistol was it?