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Monday, February 25, 2008

A Biblical butt kick!!

I got my butt kicked the other day. No, it wasn't by a guy named "Biff" (think Back to the Future) and neither was I cage-fighting with Kip (think Napolean Dynamite) , rather it was by a guy named Paul, more specifically the Apostle Paul. Here's the verse that's given me my Biblical butt kick for the week:

Immediately he preached the Christ in the synagogues, that He is the Son of God

When I read this word immediately it seemed to leap out from the page and grab me in the gut. Paul didn't waste any time telling people about Jesus. After his conversion, he immediately launched out with a single-minded vision to save as many souls as possible. He didn't wait on the more "mature" Christians like we have today who would have told him, "Now Paul. We know you're a baby Christian, but before you go out trying to save the world, you should remember to wait on the Lord for His perfect timing. Once you grow and develop in the things of the Lord, you will be better prepared to let your light shine to those who haven't heard."

God forgive us for losing our sense of urgency!!


Pete said...

No question that we should approach the gospel with a sense of urgency to share it with the world.
In defense of the pastors who train the "baby christians" before releasing them into ministry, Paul had been a long time student of religion and had been knocked off his horse, blinded, and spoken to directly by God. He may be a little bit of the exception to the rule.

Aaron D. Taylor said...

I thought you might bring that up. Point taken.