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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The mystery of the Nephilim

I've read some interesting posts on the web regarding the Nephilim. We know that the Nephilim were a race of giants, but the question is how did they get to be so gigantic? Some say the Nephilim were descendants of women that had sex with fallen angels, others say they were bona fide human beings that migrated to the land of Canaan from elsewhere.

I know it's bizarre, but there really are Biblical reasons for the angels mating with humans theory, and I wouldn't rule it out simply because the idea is offensive to a Western materialist worldview. Truth can be stranger than fiction sometimes. Even Jack Hayford's Spirit-filled Life Bible commentary sees the first view as the most likely.

Still, I'm undecided.

Here's two different authors on two different sides of the question.

First, check out Greg Boyd's commentary here

Then check out Rabbi Stanley's commentary here

Talk amongst yourselves!

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