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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hurray for Richard Land!

I was going to write a post with a sample letter to our newly elected president, but this provides a much better example of what I'm talking about.

Richard Land is the President of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission and one of the most influential voices in what is known as the Religious Right.

I want all of my readers to read a letter he wrote to President Elect Obama yesterday entitled Abortion Reduction is the Key to Common Ground.

Something that is not mentioned in the letter is that Obama was the key person pushing for these reforms within the Democratic Party, so what Land is doing is holding Obama accountable to the promises that he's already made, which is something that all of us can do.

Remember that advocating for life doesn't stop on November 4th. We live in a democracy. Any one of us can also write a letter to our congressmen and our newly elected president.

Thank you Mr. Land for holding our newly elected president accountable. Let's hope that more will do the same.

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Wayne said...

I am linking to your post from Genocide in the USA

As you have said ... advocating for life doesn't stop on November 4th.