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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Extreme Makeover--Deep Thoughts edition!

Bonsoir mes amis!

As you may have noticed, I'm changing the format for Deep Thoughts. After careful consideration, I've decided to make Deep Thoughts a one-stop blog for anyone trying to follow Jesus, but feel like they kind of suck at it (ME!!!!!!) I'll be covering a host of topics from miracles to Biblical counseling to inter-faith dialogue to Biblical peace-making to....whatever I want.

I'll still write my faith and culture commentaries, but I'll also be asking some really cool people to write stuff too. So, one day you might read about a blind guy getting healed in Indonesia, the next day you might read about me trying to stop a war with Iran. That's the kind of range we're talking about here. Eccentric...I know, but after spending my entire life trying to fit in to a certain mold, I've finally come to peace with the fact that I'm an oddball. So why not carve a space for my oddity into the blogosphere?

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