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Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Nonviolent Response to Joseph Kony

Today I thought I'd share with you a slightly different perspective on the Joseph Kony issue. In response to last Friday's post, A couple of people commented and/or wrote to me about why non-interventionism applies even in this situation. While I stand by the wording of my post, I absolutely see the strict non-interventionist side as well. My point was/is not that I wholeheartedly endorse Obama's actions. I'm simply saying that in light of the extremity of the situation, Obama's decision to send 100 military advisors isn't unreasonable. In my mind, saying that something isn't unreasonable isn't the same thing as saying it's 100% correct.

But enough about me and my insanely frustrating habit of holding to two opposing positions at once

Here's an article to elevate the discussion.

Wish I would have written it----Aaron

By Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

Armed with the power of social media, some young North American activists set out this week to take on one of the most violent rebels in the Great Lakes Region of Africa–Joseph Kony. They’ve called their campaign KONY 2012, and they’re determined to get rid of Kony and bring the children he’s abducted home by the end of this year.

I commend these folks for their insistence that the church stand against injustice. And, at the same time, I join those who ask: is nonviolence not an option?

Is it possible to respond to Kony with the power of Jesus’ nonviolent love?

For me, this is not a speculative question.

I know the answer is “yes” because I have met her.

Her name is Angelina Atyam.

To continue reading Jonathan's article, click here!

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Crystal said...

Well said, wish I had said it also.