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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Protecting Buddha

For those of you who receive my mothly prayer e-mails, as promised, I will be writing about my observations of Tibet over the next week. Here is my first observation. I noticed in all of the temples that I went to (we received an exclusive tour from a man who actually makes idols) there were ghoulish looking monster creatures that were designed to protect the Buddhas. I can only imagine how creepy these temples and monastaries are for small children. I was told that some times they stick children in the mouths of the monster images to scare them into behaving. But that's a different matter. Here is my question, if Buddha is so powerful, why does he need to be protected? I'm thankful that I serve a God (aka Jesus Christ) that doesn't need protection. In fact, the Bible says that "all things are created by Him, whether visible are invisible." All other gods are just silly imitations.

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