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Monday, January 14, 2013

Book Review: Keeping the Feast by Milton Basher-Cunningham

Review by Dan Sidey

Keeping the Feast is a truly multi-faceted feast. It's about Communion, food, cooking, community, kinship across divisions, justice, failure, forgiveness, baseball, the power and beauty of ritual, remembering, loving in the small things and much much more. Milton Brasher-Cunningham communicates out of the same streams as the New Monastics, the Catholic workers, and mainline churches, but now imagine they've all gone chef. He does all this with an unique voice as well as a fascinating(sometimes cute) logic.

A great example of the books multi-faceted-ness can be seen in chapter 7 called Striking Out. Brasher-Cunningham shows us how failure is a normal and expected part of life. Echoing the wisdom of baseball, most of life is consumed with striking out. But life, as in baseball, is also about coming home. In a vain similar to John Alexander's admonition that it's possible to view other people's sins as we see the weather, Basher-Cunningham writes that while our sin may be prodigal, God's love is also wasteful and extravagant(the meaning of 'prodigal'). Therefore as Communion reminds us of God's great "failure" on the cross we are offered plenty of room at the Table for embracing each other as sinners and saints.

Every chapter has a good share of thought and challenge similar to this. The chapters begin with Basher-Cunningham's own poetry which is grounding. Every chapter ends with a recipe to a dish or desert mentioned in the meditations. If the meditations aren't enough to attract you to the book the recipes will. I've already cooked a few of them and they are well worth the cost of the book.

So get your fork and spoon ready. This book will feed you heart, soul and body.

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