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Monday, July 10, 2006

Why the world doesn't need Superman

On Saturday, I took my wife rhenium to see Superman Returns, the latest edition of the blockbuster franchise. After returning to earth from his home plant, Clark Kent (AK Superman) finds that the love of his life,Lois Lane, has won a Pulitzer Prize for her publication entitled "Why the World Doesn't Need Superman." When Superman confronts Lois on the matter, she tells him rather bluntly, "the world doesn't need a savior." Of course, by the end of the movie, after Superman saves her from a sinking ship and manages to save millions of people from Lex Luthor's evil scheme of plummeting North America into the Atlantic Ocean, Lois changes her mind and writes a new article entitled "Why the World Needs Superman."

No offense to Lois Lane, but I rather agree with her first premise- that the world really doesn't need Superman. Of course, this is a rather difficult conclusion to come by. After all, wouldn't it be nice if there really was someone who could fly at a moment's notice to rescue people from a crashing airplane or to save some helpless old woman from being robbed? Sure that would be nice, but is that what the world really needs?

No. Not really. The world doesn't actually need Superman. After all, if a Superman like -figure is what we actually needed, don't you think that God would have sent us a real Superman by now? The world doesn't really need a Superman, but it really does need a savior. The savior that God sent to the world did not wear a blue cape flying around rescuing damsels in distress, but he did save us in a much deeper way. By his life and example, he taught us to love one another, even our enemies. By dying on the cross for our sins and rising again from the dead, he showed us that love is the only real path to victory. After all, what good would it do to rescue the beauty from the beast if the heart of the beast remains unchanged? Of course, the kingdom that Jesus introduced to the world will one day blossom into a new heaven and a new earth where there will be no robbers,crashing airplanes, or natural disasters. With the hope of eternal bliss in the future and a changed heart in the present, who needs Superman when God has already sent us Jesus Christ?

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Lucieni said...

Good message. I'm a brazilian woman and tomorrow i'll have a free exposition in classroom in my english course, and we have to speak anything about Superman film. And after that i saw this message i had a inspiration and i'll tell for my friens in classroom anything like it. I decide now that my exposition will be about: "The world doesn't need superman or the world need superman"? Summary, i 'll speak about: if the people want the person that help them the natural desasters as the earthquakes may be the people need superman, but who help us when we feel alone in the world,when we feel sad and bad felling, when we want die... Really? Don´t worry because God sent us who can help us and he wait only for us call him, because just Jesus Christus can save us in a much deeper way.
Thanks for this inspiration, it can help me in my exposition and maybe touche a little in friends heart. Bye and Thanks.