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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Conversion story from India

Do you want to know why people from other religions convert to Christianity? Here is a story that might help you understand. No matter what country or religion a person is from, human needs are still the same.

from: Gospel for Asia ( - July 4, 2006

In a small farming village in Andhra Pradesh, a team of Gospel
for Asia missionaries was going door-to-door, passing out gospel
tracts. The men knocked at the door of one house, but no one
answered. Noticing an open window, they looked in to see if anyone
was home. A woman was hanging from a rafter with a sari wrapped
around her neck! Frantically, the missionaries broke down the
door, rushed in, and untied the woman. As the woman slowly recovered,
she told them her story.

Her name was Heena. She had married Surya. But Surya had no job.
He was an alcoholic and did not care for their family's welfare.
He would come home drunk and beat her. Henna was forced to work
all day in the fields to support their two sons. Exhausted and
despairing with no peace in their home and no hope in her heart,
Heena planned to end her life.

After hearing Heena's sad story, the missionaries began visiting
her house regularly, counseling and sharing the love of Jesus
with her and Surya. As a result, both accepted Jesus Christ into
their lives. Prayer meetings are now being held in the couple's
home every Friday. And because their neighbors see their changed
lives, a mission station has been established in the village.

Full story here

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