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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Walking in Windsor

Earlier today,I took a train to the Windsor Castle, the place where Queen Elizabeth stays during most weekends. Let me just say,as a Jefferson County hillbilly, I felt a little out of place. It struck me as I was walking through the magnificent banquet hall that I was walking the halls of the rich and famous-along with all the other commoners in the room. On a big screen T.V. they showed a video of a banquet in the very same room for the King of Jordon. I asked the guy standing next to me, "I wonder what you and I have to do to get invited to something like this?" This produced a mild British chuckle in the man who promptly replied, "I don't think I would like it much. That's not for me."

I understood completely. I, too, am a good old-fashioned commoner. But, then again, I began to think to myself, "What if this place did not exist and there was no such thing as a royal family? So much of the Bible deals with kings and monarchs. After all, Jesus is the King of Kings. We sing songs about "the splendor of the king clothed in majesty" but do we really know what spledor and majesty look like?"

When compared with such awesome displays of wealth and glory, the vast majority of the human race clearly fit into the category of the have-nots. The common tendency is for the "have nots" to resent the "haves." My question is this-what if there was no such thing as royalty or aristocracy? Without such visual displays of magnificence and would we ever realize that magnificence is possible?

The good news of the gospel is that the King of Kings, Jesus Christ, has invited all of us into His palace-both in heaven and in our hearts. While it is true that in heaven we will be feasting with the King, all of us can feast on the love of Christ in the here and now. In God's palace, hillbillies and yuppies are invited to the same table. God's aim for every Christian is to "obtain the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ." I am thankful that, even on this dusty old planet called earth, I can be reminded what glory looks like from time to time.

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Pete said...

I feel the same when I visit my favorite gun stores