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Thursday, March 01, 2007

In praise of C.S. Lewis

In a world of uncertainty and confusion, every once in a while voices rise from the ashes and stand out above all the rest. During the first half of the 20th century, a time when the world was falling apart and people were being slaughtered like animals, that man was C.S. Lewis.

What makes C.S. Lewis so great is that he presented to the world a reasonable faith without the dogma that is often associated with the more rigid belief systems within Christianity. C.S. Lewis's book Mere Christianity is a book that nearly all Christians, whether Catholic, Orthodox, or Protestant can point to and say "this I believe."

It is also the best book to give to an honest seeker whose intellect is hindering him or her from accepting the essentials of the Christian faith. Just to keep myself fresh, I plan to read this book over and over throughout my life (perhaps at the start of every year). To those interested in propogating and defending the Christian faith, I would encourage to do the same.


Pete said...

Agreed. C.S. Lewis is undoubtedly my favorite author. "Mere Christianity" is a great book and I would encourage everyone to read his other works as well. I still inspired when reading the Narnia series.

Aaron D. Taylor said...

I thought you'd be a bit more critical on this one. I'm glad we both agree-Lewis rocks!

toby said...

dude, lewis totally rocks and that book is for sure an all-time classic. seriously.