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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Things I learn than on the Today Show

I've got five minutes to write this, so I need to think fast. I'm at a hotel in Chicago and will be leaving in a few minutes. Can't think of anything profound (at least not off the top of my head) so I must recourse to writing a list of what I learn from daily watching Meredith, Al, and Matt on the Today Show every morning. Here is a brief list.

1. Men really do like chick flicks, even though they don't want to admit it.
2. Eat healthy
3. Eat healthy
4. Eat healthy
5. Bald isn't really that bad (just ask Matt Lauer)
6.If I want to be famous, I should do something really outrageous on You Tube (like belly dancing or pretending I'm Luke Skywalker)
7. Stress is bad
8. Stress is bad
9..Stress is bad
10. If I want to be on TV, all I have to do is talk about sex from an "evangelical perspective" (that will be sure to book another interview)

1 comment:

ete said...

Thank you Aaron, now I get to picture you belly dancing for the rest of the day. Anyone else up for a spontaneous fast?