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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Jessica Lynch- a hero in disguise

We all remember the story. A 19-year old girl, a supply clerk for the U.S. Army was captured by the Iraqi forces and later rescued by a team of U.S. special forces. Jessica Lynch, however, was no ordinary POW, so the media told us. She was a female Rambo who didn't go down without a fight. Shortly before Jessica returned home, she was a national icon.

There was one little problem with the female Rambo part-it was purely fiction. Jessica Lynch did not fire at the people who attacked her Humvee. Her gun was jammed, she was knocked unconscious, and the next thing you know she woke up in an Iraqi hospital.

While the media hyped her as a female warrior, the real hero was Jessica's conscience. Jessica could have very easily went along with the hype while the country was hailing her as G.I. Jane, but she did not. Jessica chose reality over fantasy.

Yesterday Jessica appeared before Congress to set the record straight.

It's time for a reality check.


Pete said... it getting stagnant in here or what? Hey, are you going to answer the question that Toby and I posed?

toby said...

dude, i think aaron is in africa building a radio station.

Pete said...

That's just a poor excuse Toby!