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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Random thoughts

Here are a few thoughts I've been working on this week.

1. Those who separate the world into us verse them and see everyone else as void of light and reason are destined to embrace a value system where might becomes right; however, those who underestimate the sinfulness of man are destined to surrender too much power to the hands of too few people.

2. In order to love your enemies, you must first believe in their humanity.

3. The Apostle Paul says to "Speak evil of no one." I wonder how that applies to me in the ministry?

4. Paul did not attack the institution of slavery in his day, but he did teach that all people, whether male or female, Jew or barbarian, slave or free, were potential bearers of the Christ image through faith. It was this idea, which is supposed to be lived out in the life of the church , that eventually led to the abolition of slavery.

5. Isn't corn good?

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